Maximize Your Energy Efficiency with Solar Generator in the Summer

We’ve experienced firsthand a warmer and drier summer in 2022 than most of the previous years. Though not breaking the record, we’ve received more sunshine and heat. In such days, there’s no doubt that solar generation can play a significant role in offering clean and sustainable energy while simultaneously saving you lots of money. Is a solar generator more necessary in summer? The answer is definitely “yes.” Let’s dive for more information by answering the questions below.


Why is a solar generator needed in summer?

What changes can a solar generator make in summer?

How to choose an affordable solar generator?

Introduction of Vigorpool solar power sets


Why is a solar generator needed in summer?

Electricity bills are relentless. They come every month. But some months are particularly more painful than others—-of course, months in summer. According to SaveOnEnergy, it is reported that most of our high electricity bills are due to energy consumption. That’s true that we’ve been experiencing hotter summers because of global warming and advanced technology. The hotter we feel, the longer we turn the fans or air-conditioners on, which costs more energy and the bills get higher.

What’s more, the summer is not only hotter than before but it lasts longer. People may still need to count on the air-conditioners to survive the heat in November in some areas! Ignore the fact that we have no choice but to adapt to the reality. However, we can make a difference in consuming energy. A solar generator can help! Imagine that the heat and intense sunshine that we can hardly bear is the best resources for a solar generator. It can store a lot of energy during these days. We can take advantage of summer and transform the annoying heat into power that can supply our homes and business. The drought and heat can be beneficial when owning a solar generator at this point.  

What Changes Can a Solar Generator Make in Summer?

The changes that a solar generator can make to our lives are multiple. First and foremost, the cost. As we discussed above, owning a solar generator in summer can at least save you a large sum of money on electricity bills. Also, solar energy is clean and renewable, and a professional and well-performed solar generator like Captain 1200 can ensure you cut the expense of equipment maintenance. Moreover, solar panels absorb and convert light better in summer to ensure higher solar energy utilization. And, of course, you can not forget that it’s more environmentally friendly to consume solar energy than other kinds.  

How to Choose an Affordable Solar Generator?

In purchasing a satisfying product, everyone has their preference and standard. But in the term of choosing an appropriate and affordable solar generator, here are some tips:

  1. Purpose

What is your intention in purchasing a solar generator? This is a question you need to think over before making any deals. People have different reasons in buying a solar generator; some prepare it for emergencies, some use it for living in off-grid areas, and some for home backup. So it would help if you took all the possibilities into account before you make a purchase. And don’t forget to check your appliances’ voltage standard and wattage in advance.

  • Size

The size matters somehow. You don’t expect the scene that you are excitedly waiting for your new-bought solar generator home, but instead only to find out there is little space for it in your house. Measure for enough room for your solar generator, and consider what size you favor based on your needs.

  • Solar input

This factor may be the one most people will frequently ignore, but it is quite responsible for the conversion of solar into energy. And it determines the use time/limit of your generator. Smaller panels have lesser wattage capabilities, which indicates less solar input. So you should know the unit before you get to go.

  • Battery capacity

The strength of your battery also accounts for the duration of your generator’s use time. A compact battery capacity enables a more extended use time. Therefore, consider it as well.

  • Eco-friendly potential

A greener solar generator means it’s quieter and produces less toxic smoke when working. And you can use it indoors, outdoors, or both, based on your choice. Again, this is for the environment’s good, your health, and safety.

Introduction of Vigorpool Solar Power Sets

So far, you may already have your opinions in selecting one solar generation. If not, don’t worry. Captain 1200 from Vigorpool is one of the market’s most efficient portable power stations. The ultra-durable capacity, its world’s first parallel function, and its advanced Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). Those are why you need to put it your list.

What’s more, the most crucial thing is unlimited power with solar panels. A Captain 1200 generator can provide up to 400W solar fast charging, using the cleanest energy and enjoying a greener ride. All you need is just a Vigorpool Captain 1200.


After reading this article, you have become more aware of solar generators’ disadvantages. So let solar panels be part of your life in summer, and enjoy the benefits they will bring you.  

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