How to Enjoy Camping with a Portable Power Station

After a week’s hard work, many people go camping with their family or friends. It is always relaxing and pleasing to keep away from the civilized city for a while and get close to nature. However, we still have to bring electronic devices to enjoy our trip the most. This article is a brief guide on camping and will explain why a portable power station is necessary for this activity.

(fig. 1 Camping, power station, people)

What Do You Need to Prepare for Camping?

It would help if you considered several things before you got in your car.  First, you should find a place suitable for camping, where many people have camped here before or where you and your friends can enjoy an untrodden natural scenery. It is nice to visit somewhere in between, not too popular or savage.

Second, bring enough food to prevent hunger. Traditional food for outdoor activities includes sandwiches, fries, and bread. In general, dry foods, energetic food, food in cans, food in jars, and drinks are great choices. If you and your friends are active and have to hike all day, enough food can replenish your energy. It is worth reminding you that you should be careful not to leave any trash in the place.

Third, you may need help with electrical appliances, of course. The induction cooker and the electrical grill are for cooking; mobile phones are for communicating and calling for help; the crewless aerial vehicle is for photographing; projectors and video games are for entertainment.

Most importantly, it would be best to have a portable power station to power these devices.  When you go camping, you are exposing yourself to an off-grid environment. Without a camping solar generator, all activities requiring electricity are out of the question. It would even make you desperate when your phone is out of power, and you find nowhere to charge it. After all, nature could be fascinating but dangerous if you lose connection with human civilization. Above all, the portable power station is a requisite for camping..

(fig.2 power station charging grills and other devices)

How to Choose a Portable Power Station for Camping

To choose a portable power station for camping, you must consider several aspects. Is the power station easy to use and install? Does it harm the environment? Does it charge fast enough? Is it safe and durable?

For many years people have picked petrol generators for efficiency. However, the petrol generator could be more money-saving and eco-friendly. It may seem not so pricey at first, but the increasing petrol will cost you a lot over time. Also, the solar generator consuming non-renewables aggravates the already severe climate problems. Therefore, people have recently shifted their focus to solar generators, a greener power supply.

The solar generator is the best partner for your camping. When you go outdoors, the sun can be an unlimited power source that does not harm the environment. Thus the solar generator is both an economical and green choice. The solar generator combines a powerful battery with a solar panel to generate electricity. There are a few steps to get it to start working: you place the solar panels, connect them to the battery, and then start it. As a result, you can extend your trip as long as possible since the sun always rises and shines upon the ground.

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CAPTAIN 1200: The Best Portable Power Station for Camping

Among all brands of portable power stations, VIGORPOOL Captain 1200 stands out for its innovative design and high efficiency. The camping battery easily connects with solar panels to generate power. It works together with our VigorPool solar panel to evolve itself into a portable solar generator. Covered by SunPower monocrystalline silicon cells, VigorPool solar panel enjoys a high conversion efficiency of up to 23%, significantly reducing the charging time of the solar battery.

Moreover, VIGORPOOL Captain 1200 is powered by a premium LFP (LiFePO₄) Battery, which means it can maintain at least 80% of its capacity after 3500 complete recharging cycles, which is seven times more than the average service cycle time of 500 in the industry.

CAPTAIN 1200 portable power station can power multiple electrical appliances at the same time during camping. It has 12 outputs of different kinds. One of them is wireless output which allows you to charge your phones by simply putting them on the board. The table below shows how long CAPTAIN 1200 can maintain the running of different appliances in camping.

AppliancesMaintenance Hours / Fully-Charged Times
Phone (10Wh)106 times
Laptop (58.2Wh)18 times
Drone (40Wh)27 times
Electric Grill (1150W)55 minutes
Portable Fridge (45W)24 hours
Fan (35W)30 hours

(fig.3 parallel function)

CAPTAIN 1200 is also equipped with the world’s first parallel function. You can parallelly connect two Captain 1200 to double the power and capacity to make a more powerful portable power station, which provides you with a maximum output power of 2400W and a battery capacity of 2560Wh, meeting the needs of most electrical appliances.


In conclusion, a portable power station is a necessity for camping. It powers those devices that make your trip convenient and green. CAPTAIN 1200 is the most outstanding one among all other power stations. It can always impress its users with its various helpful functions. Please click on our website to find further information about this product and make the best choice for your camping!