Why do fishermen need portable solar generators?

Traditional offshore power generation relies on diesel power, and there are many drawbacks to this type of power generation. Diesel combustion causes pollution, is bulky and difficult to carry, and is inconvenient to obtain fuel. Moreover, the power supply is extremely unstable and cannot provide a stable and reliable power supply in an emergency. For…

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Captain 1200, The Most Popular Gift for Father’s Day in 2023

What is Captain 1200? Captain 1200 is a portable power station produced by Vigorpool, a rising brand in the battery industry. It is composed of lithium iron phosphate batteries(LFP), which allows Captain 1200 can still retain 80% of the capacity of the ultra-long standby power after running 3500 + battery cycles. The extra long utilization time…

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solar generators for houses

Be Prepared for Anything: How a Solar Generator Can Help During Emergencies

Don’t get caught off guard during natural disasters or power outages. Learn how a solar generator can provide reliable backup power for your household needs. Be prepared for anything with a solar generator for your house.

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