How To Use Portable Solar Generator To Power Food Stalls 

What is Portable Solar Generator?

A portable solar power generator refers to devices that convert sunlight into electricity. The portable solar power generator is composed of three parts: solar panels, portable power stations and essential accessories. The solar panel collects the sunlight and transfers the sunlight into electricity, and the portable power station receives the electricity and stores it. The compact and light feature makes it easy to transfer. The essential accessories often refer to the cables that connect the solar panel and portable power station, and other cables may be used in transmit electricity.

Why do Food Stalls Need Solar Power Generators?

Snack stalls are one of the indispensable sights of the city, not only adding the charm of unique food culture to the city but also making it an exciting place for people to go during their leisure time. Due to the unique characteristics of food stalls, we can often see food stalls with beautiful LED signs, flashing lights, and delicious food cooking on the machine. However, food stalls are also mobile, each time, it will change location, and at the end of the work, it needs to move back to the garage or yard. Therefore, a portable solar power generator is necessary to meet the amount of power out of the stall time.

The Convenience

The Vigorpool Captain 1200 is a compact and lightweight storage power supply that can be easily carried around the stall. It has a large capacity(1280Wh) and power output(1200W) to provide stable and long-lasting power to the products needed for the stall, such as lighting, audio, cooking machines, etc.


Compared to old diesel generators, solar power is non-polluting and noiseless, capable of maintaining the natural freshness of the surrounding air while in use, leaving the food stall with only the smell of food and fabulous music.

What are the factors to consider when choosing a portable solar generator?

The excellent performance of portable solar generators is why more and more people choose to use them as power supplies, but how to select or assemble your portable solar generator? Here are a few crucial factors to consider.

Solar Panels

When we choose a solar panel, we need to select one with a high conversion rate. The higher the conversion rate, the shorter the charging time required for the power supply. Vogorpool solar panels have a conversion rate greater than 23% and can stabilize sunlight to electricity in any environment. In addition, it is lightweight and small, foldable and portable, and when in use, the kickstand on the back makes it easy to adjust the panel’s angle to maximize sunlight absorption. 

Portable Power Stations

When choosing a portable power station, we should first consider whether the capacity of the portable power station can meet our needs and, secondly, whether it is compact and lightweight enough to carry without any burden. Thirdly, we need to consider whether it is safe enough, not only for our safety but also for the people around us, and a power station that can work safely in any environment is what we need. The Vigorpool Captain 1200 has a large capacity of 1280Wh and a high power output of 1200W to power most appliances, and it also has a similar function that allows you to use two Captain 1200s together so that you can get a double capacity of 2560Wh and a double output power of 2400W. The body is made of rugged ABS and can be used on any surface. It contains seven layers of safety protection to ensure the safety of power usage in any complex power environment.

In Conclusion

Choosing a suitable portable solar generator can bring more convenience to the food stall work and get more profit. Vigorpool solar generator provides varieties of solar generator sets that can meet any power consumption needs. So come and explore Vigorpool solar generator and power up your food stall!

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