How to Use a Solar Generator

As life becomes more convenient and comfortable with various electronic devices, the pressure on electricity consumption is also increasing, causing occasional blackouts, which is a considerable burden. Therefore, getting emergency backup power is necessary.

Vigorpool Captain 1200 may be a good choice when searching for a clean and sustainable portable power station. Read the following passage and get more information about your desirable emergency power supply. 

Use it as an emergency power source

Most of us have experienced awkward dissatisfaction during a blackout. The air-conditioner stops working, your phone battery is running out, and you may have to worry whether the fresh food you recently purchased will go bad during the blackout. A house solar generator can solve all the problems mentioned above. As a professional solar generator, Captain 1200 has a good performance that supports simultaneous charging of multiple devices. For household emergencies, Captain 1200 provides security and sustains the essentials. With its operation, you can keep your refrigerator(360W) running for 3 hours, a 43″ TV turned on for 10 hours, and a light(12W) working for up to 89 hours! 

Take it camping or RVing

To enjoy the outdoors without roughing it, you need a powerful portable power station for RVers and campers who plan to camp off the grid. Solar generators work with the energy stored in a solar battery, making it more suitable to use outdoors, for you can have your solar generator charged as long as there is sunshine. Since the power problem is solved, your pleasant trip is assured. For outdoors, Captain 1200 gives your phone(10Wh) 106 times full charges and charging a drone(40Wh) 27 times and a laptop(58.2Wh) 18 times. You can never miss an enjoyable outdoor barbecue feast when you go out for camping. Keep the electric grill(1150Wh) to work for 55 minutes and the portable fridge(45W) for 24 hours. 

Use it in the garage

You will likely need some job done in the garage or yard at weekends, like mowing the messy lawn or building wooden gadgets with kids. And electric tools can help save much effort. Here are some tools you might get access to working in the garage or the yard and the available time that Captain 1200 can power. An electric drill of 1200W can work for 53 minutes, while an electric chainsaw(1440W) works for 10 minutes less. If you need more efficient tools in your complex work, like an electric hammer(1500W), the solar generator can also provide a continuous work time of 44 minutes. For simple chores like weeding, the tool needed, like a corded string trimmer(1200W), can work for 53 minutes powered by Captain 1200. 

The Usage of LED Light

The LED lights of Captain 1200 are multifunctional. The LED lights on both sides of the portable power station can light either unilaterally or simultaneously. Use the ambient mode, the LED lights will stay comfortably bright for you to do some reading at night. When camping at night or unfortunately experiencing a power outage, the LED lights can switch to a mode providing a more substantial illumination effect, which maintains your normal working. Besides, the LED system has a flashing mode to quickly capture the power station in the darkness by the flashing. In worse circumstances, if one gets lost on a mountain and can hardly find his way down the hill when going out for a camping trip, the specific mode of the LED light of his Vigorpool Captain 1200 portable power station may help him out. The LED lights can send out an SOS signal so that one can be located by the rescuers and get saved. 


As you can see, there are many different ways you can use a solar generator in both off-grid and on-grid applications. A solar generator is a versatile and sustainable solution worth considering if you’re looking for an emergency power source or want to use renewable energy to save money on your energy bill. Choose the one solar generator that most suits your need, and can have a convenient and comfortable life with the help of Vigorpool.

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