The New Standard in Home Back-up Solar Power

Natural disasters and aging power systems have made blackouts more frequent, which is why more and more people equip their homes with backup power supplies. But if you’re looking for a greener alternative to the usual home battery backup, a solar generator for home use could be your first choice. In addition, solar generators can provide power when the electrical power goes out at home and make family camping more convenient. This article will help you find the best solar generator for your family.

What is Solar Generator?

A solar generator is a device that converts the sun’s energy into electricity. First, the sunlight shines directly on solar panels, and then the generator transforms the Direct Current (DC) into Alternating Current (AC). The electrical energy is stored in a battery so that electric appliances can use the electricity generated by the solar generator at any time.

Solar panels are an indispensable part of any solar generator. The amount of electricity produced by the generator depends on the size of the solar panels and the intensity of the sunlight at the time. Like the fuel tank in a gasoline or diesel generator, the battery stores the electricity that the solar generator converts. The power input to the battery is erratic and unstable, but the battery’s presence allows electronic devices to be powered smoothly. This enables the solar generators to work even in cloudy weather or at night.

Why You Need Home Back-up Solar Power?

To save costs and expenses

This year’s extreme heat afflicts many people worldwide, while the surging electricity bills make their lives more suffering. In Texas of the United States, for example, the temperature reached 38 degrees Celsius in August. Due to the shortage of electricity reserves, the local electricity price hit $6,537.45 per megawatt hour, 360 times higher than usual. Global warming never stops, which means the terrible situation will only deteriorate. Therefore, citizens must find ways to reduce electricity usage for affordable electricity bills.

Solar power generators thus may play a crucial role in your plan. The sunlight is everywhere and is free. You place the solar panels in your garden or on the roof, and you are starting to build a tiny power station for your own home! The dazzling sunlight is then no longer something too bad.

To protect the environment

We mainly used fossil fuels in the late 20th century to generate power. But these resources are limited and depleted. So nowadays, we gradually replace fossil fuels with more renewable energy. Besides solar power, human has invented many clean ways to generate electricity, such as wind power, hydropower, and nuclear power. The table down below compares these different ways of power generating.

Efficient or not?Clean energy?Available at home?
Thermal power
Hydro power
Wind power
Nuclear power
Solar power

We can see that solar power is the most efficient renewable for home use. Moreover, consider how nuclear power stations and hydroelectric power stations could cause damage to the ecosystem. In that case,  solar generators can also deem as the safest among those kinds of clean energy.

To deal with an emergency

A portable power station is a great helper during outage emergencies if you live in an area that frequently encounters natural disasters or military conflicts. A solar generator quickly powers your phones or other communication devices that can save your life when trapped. The power box can be used everywhere, which makes you less dependent on the grid with powerful batteries. Many families buy back-up Solar Power at home because of its reliable and stable power supply.

How to Choose a Suitable and Qualified Solar Battery for your Family?

There are many solar generators on the market. Among all these products, I strongly recommend you CAPTAIN 1200 portable power station as your first choice for your home back-up solar battery. As the name suggests, CAPTAIN 1200 is the best solution to most of your power problems – at home or even during outdoor activities. In addition, CAPTAIN 1200 serves as a portable home battery that provides complete independence from the grid at an affordable price.

CAPTAIN 1200 easily connects with solar panels to generate power. The portable battery pack is a good partner with the VigorPool solar panel, for the VigorPool portable solar generator. Covered by SunPower monocrystalline silicon cells, VigorPool solar panel enjoys a high conversion efficiency of up to 23%. Also, the high compatibility of other solar panels makes it the first choice for most people.

With its built-in MPPT technology, the portable power station has a super-fast solar charge rate. CAPTAIN 1200 can be recharged 10 times faster than most portable power stations on the market. If you need it urgently, only one hour’s charging brings CAPTAIN 1200 back to its 80% capacity. Unlike other power generators, CAPTAIN 1200 is easy to carry, for it does not require any cumbersome adaptors or power bricks.

CAPTAIN 1200 can be used to power multiple electrical appliances at home. The table below shows how long CAPTAIN 1200 can maintain the running of different home appliances in an off-grid situation.  

AppliancesMaintenance Hours / Fully-Charged Times
Phone (10Wh)106 times
Laptop (58.2Wh)18 times
Refrigerator (360W)3 hours
Light (12W)89 hours
Microwave (700W)1.5 hours
43’’ TV (110W)10 hours
Fan (35W)30 hours
CPAP 26.5 hours

Besides, VIGORPOOL innovatively embedded the wireless charging function into Captain 1200. This function allows you to charge devices, such as your phones, that support wireless charging, which provides you with a more convenient choice.


To conclude, CAPTAIN 1200 as the best solar generator is the first choice for anyone who is going to prepare a backup power battery at home. With its innovative design, high efficiency, and eco-friendly idea, CAPTAIN 1200 has set a new standard in the market of home back-up solar power. Subscribe to the Vigorpool website to learn more about the CAPTAIN 1200.

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