The Importance of Cleaning Solar Panels

After the solar system is installed, our main concern is the amount of power generated, as it is directly related to the return on our investment. As we know, there are many factors that affect power generation, such as material, quality of modules, inverters, cables, installation orientation, tilt angle, dust, shadow shading, etc. All factors are possible.

Why should we clean the solar panel?

Because we often use portable solar panels together with the power supply to form a solar generator system, as it is often used in the field, it is exposed to more substances and dust.

As the dust accumulates on the surface of the module, it increases the heat transfer thermal resistance of the monocrystalline silicon. As a result, over time, it will become the thermal insulation layer on the solar panel surface, which affects the solar panel’s heat dissipation and the solar panel’s conversion.

The dust attached to the surface of the panel will directly produce shading. And the dust on the module’s surface can reflect, scatter, and absorb solar radiation, reducing the transmission rate of the sun, resulting in the panel receiving less solar radiation and reducing the output power.

Compared with dust-covered modules, clean and tidy panel modules absorb and reflect solar radiation and other effects, and clean and tidy modules have at least 5% higher output power than dust-covered modules.

Moreover, If wet acidic or alkaline dust is attached to the surface of the glass cover, the panel surface may be slowly damaged by erosion.

Regular maintenance of solar panels is the key to utilizing solar panels better to generate electricity!!

How to know if the solar panel should be clean?

  1. Solar panels have visible dust on the surface
  2. Solar panels have leaves and other large shading objects on the surface
  3. Solar panels with bird droppings or other unknown liquid sun-dried traces on the surface, which need to be dealt with as soon as possible
  4. Solar panels surface is wet, especially when the temperature is low or there is snow, to prevent the solar panel surface from freezing

How to clean the solar panel?

  1. Remove any object from the solar panel, and make sure the solar panel can fully absorb the sun.
  2. Use a damp cloth and gently wipe the surface to clean the dust and dirt.
  3. Keep the solar panel dry and clean.

Vigorpool Solar Panels

Vigorpool provides solar panels of 100W,200W and 400W. They are made of upgraded  monocrystalline silicon, which gives a conversion rate of at least 23%, is the most efficient solar panel on the market right now. And the thickened ETFE film on the surface ensures the solar panels are strong enough  against scratches. The hard shell of the Vigorpool solar panel is made of 60D polyester which is also water-resistance and robust enough to prevent the solar panel from breaking  if it falls down accidentally in transportation. The design of the Vigorpool solar panel is compact and tough. It will stay in high performance after any unpredictable weather or situation.

There are more helpful design in the Vigorpool solar panels, all the solar panels have kickstands, and the angle of those kickstands are adjustable, which make it easier for solar panels to soak in the sunlight and transfer to electricity.

Last but not least, the smart design of the solar panel is, it can easily  fold up and carry for there are magnetic inside the handles, which make it magnet together and won’t open up while carrying it anywhere. With its compact size and lightweight, it is ideal for bringing these solar panels outside for an off-grid trip.


Panel cleaning is necessary, regular maintenance of solar panels can provide better performance and extend the life of the solar panels. What is more critical is to choose a good solar panel, an excellent solar panel will give you a better return on your investment in solar power generators and save you energy on product maintenance. Viogorpool solar panels are an excellent choice when choosing solar panels to generate endless sunpower.

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