The Guide to Properly Storing Captain 1200 Solar Generators

Storing your Captain 1200 portable power station correctly is essential for preserving the life and performance of your solar system. With its reliable power output and efficient operation, the Captain 1200 portable power station can provide energy for 9+ years if stored properly. To ensure the longevity of your solar generator, follow this guide on proper storage techniques.

Check the Captain 1200 Before Storing

Make sure the portable power station is in good condition. The key to properly storing of a solar generator is ensuring the battery remains in good condition. If the unit is not working or reporting errors, contact the after-sale service for troubleshooting and get the proper maintenance of your power station.

Keep the power station clean. If the Captain 1200 solar generator is functioning well, you can move to the next step – check the surface of the unit. Check whether the product is damp or dirty. All these must be taken care of to keep the solar generator clean and dry. In this way, you can prevent the corrosion or aging of the core due to moisture when the solar generator is stored, which affects the service life.

Full-charge the power station before storage. The portable power station needs to be fully charged before storage and should be turned off to be stored. Because in the shutdown state, the power supply will be discharged slowly. And if the power station is not turned off, the screen display or button lights will accelerate the power consumption.

The Storage Surroundings

Flooring requirements: The portable power station needs to be placed on a hard surface, such as hard floor tiles, concrete planes, etc., in a clean and dry place, avoiding direct sunlight.

Storage temperature: Storage at temperatures from -10°C to 35°C and humidity less than 45% is more conducive to the portable power station and needs to be kept away from heat sources (such as heating equipment, etc.) and flammable and explosive materials and chemicals. It should be at least 2m away from the heat source.

Keep it in the storage bag: A storage bag is conducive to properly preserving the power supply. It can prevent moisture and put dust and can store the relevant wires and other accessories. In addition, it can also prevent children or pets from contact.

Placing products upright: When placing the Captain 1200 solar generator, place it on the right side, do not place it upside down or sideways. In addition, it is recommended that the battery should not be stacked with objects, especially conductive and corrosive objects.

Keep enough space: If more than one power station needs to be stored, the power stations should be separated by a gap of not less than 20cm to facilitate battery heat dissipation.

Charge the battery regularly

The Captain 1200 solar generator should be kept at 50% of the rated capacity, which can keep the battery healthy. Since the power will slowly decrease as the power supply will slowly discharge, if you need to store the power station for more than 3 months, it is recommended to check the remaining capacity of the power station once a month and charge the power supply in time. To extend the service life of the power station, you should charge the product before the power drops to 15%.   


Properly storing your Captain 1200 solar generator is essential to ensuring its long-term longevity and performance so that you have reliable energy when you need it most! By following these simple tips, you can rest assured that your valuable solar generator will be in top operating condition for years to come!

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