Be Ready to Go in No Time CAPTAIN 700 achieves a breakthrough in fast charging without damaging the battery, capable of charging in 1.5 hours.

Vigorpool Captain 700 Portable Power Station US Launch

At Vigorpool, we are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our energy storage lineup, the Captain series. The series includes the Captain 700W Portable Power Station, the Captain 1200W Portable Power Station, and the Vigorpool Foldable Solar Panel for Portable Power Station (100 W and 200 W). 

The key highlights of this product series are as follows:

Captain 700

Vigorpool Captain 700 power station is the most recommended model for beginners who want to upgrade the traditional loud bulky generator to a clean, silent, and light portable generator, thanks to its innovative inverter technology which reduces noise levels without compromising reliability or safety features!

The World’s Unrivaled Parallel Function

Users can pair 2 units of our Captain 700 with the given cable to get double capacity from 672Wh

to 1344Wh and double output power from 700W to 1400W which is more flflexible and more

convenient for users to switch different using scenarios like from outdoor activities to home backup, making it easily supports high-power devices.

The World’s Most Reliable UPS Function:

When used as an emergency power source during a blackout, Captain 700 kicks in automatically and

provides you with power in 20 milliseconds.

1.5 Hours Safety Fast Charge, Don’t Damage the Battery:

Captain 700 allows various fast charging methods, such as charge by solar panel (240W), by car (192W)

and by AC wall socket (600W). It takes only 1.5 hours to fully charge from 0% to 100%. The Captain

700’s safety fast charge design strictly according to its battery specififications to aovide any damage to

the batteries.

10+ Years Lifespan with Daily Use:
Captain 700 uses the safest and most durable Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery instead of Li-ion (NMC) battery in other brands, which allows last 5-7 times longer lifespan (2000+ Cycles to 80% capacity) than others.

Smart App Control

Integrate Captain 700 with your home, then track, monitor and control your electronic devices and appliances all from the Vigorpool app

Step into a new era of portable power with the Vigorpool Captain series. It goes beyond being a mere portable power station. It serves as your reliable and sustainable energy source, simplifying on-the-go charging and providing the ultimate backup power solution for your home. We are thrilled to introduce the Captain series, offering our valued customers the chance to embrace safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly energy.

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