Enjoy the Outdoors with a Solar Generator for RV Travel

RV Travel starts to become more and more popular these days. People bored with concrete forests in the city want to see the natural green trees and leaves in nature. Yet the off-grid environment can be a significant trouble during travel. That’s why RV travelers always bring solar generators to cope with their electricity needs. In this article, we will learn the advantages of solar generators for RV travel and how to choose the best solar generator.

The Benefits of Solar Generators for RV Travel

Most solar generators designed for daily use, such as VIGORPOOL CAPTAIN 1200 are portable and easy to install. The RV always has a compact design and there is not much room for a cumbersome generator. Solar generators of small size can fit well in the RV and bring convenience for travelers.

The solar generator has multiple charging ports to meet the needs of almost all electrical appliances. Thus, you can charge different devices at the same time. CAPTAIN 1200, for example, has AC outputs, USB-A outputs, USB-C outputs, car charge port output and even wireless output.  It allows users to charge an electrical grill with the AC output while having their phones charged with the wireless output.

Also, if you want to save money in the long run, the solar generator is always a better choice than other generators such as the petrol generator. Although it may not cost much to buy a petrol generator, the expenses pile up because you have to buy petrol from time to time. The fuel price also rises unexpectedly, and the cost will increase sooner than you might think. By contrast, solar panels may be pricey but cost you little afterward.  The sun is always free.  

Another great advantage of solar generators is that solar panels can be set up anywhere under the sun. During outdoor activities, sunlight provides us with coziness and pleasure and transfers energy through solar panels. In addition, you can put solar panels on your RV’s roof, which brings you more convenience. 

The solar generator is in harmony with nature. Unlike petrol generators that often make disturbing noise, solar generators are quiet enough to maintain a peaceful environment for humans and other creatures. Furthermore, since you travel by RV to get close to nature, you will not do any harm to nature. Thus, the solar generator is the best choice for RV travelers.

How to Choose the VIGORPOOL Solar Generator Suitable for You

VIGORPOOL dedicates itself to developing the most advanced portable power station and sustainable solar generator system.  As a result, VIGORPOOL now has two types of power stations on sale: Captain 1200 and Lake 300. At the same time, it also provides qualified solar panels of different sizes to make good teams with both VIGORPOOL portable power stations.  

Lake 300 has 320Wh LiFePO4 battery capacity, 300W continuous power, and 500W surge power. The Lake 300 can be fully charged in 2.5 hours when you use a 90W wall charger and a 100W USB-C PD charger simultaneously. The built-in MPPT technology provides faster solar charging rates, with which a single solar panel charges Lake 300 to full in 4.5 hours.

Captain 1200 is a more powerful solar generator that can play an irreplaceable part in RV traveling. The battery with a capacity of 1280Wh can cater to most electrical appliances. Its parallel function doubles its capacity to 2560Wh, which gives the power station even more possibilities. The Captain also shows its competitiveness through its fast-charging feature. This portable power station offers five ways of charging and be charged to 80% within an hour!

Lake 300 and Captain 1200 are charged by the sun through VIGORPOOL solar panels. You can choose from three types of solar panels (100W/200W/400W). Each can combine with the power station to generate electricity. The table below compares the features of different bundles. You can take it as a reference for choosing the right solar generator for your travel.

Solar generatorsBattery CapacitySolar Panel Output PowerCharge Time
Lake 300 + 100W Solar Panel320Wh100W4.5h
Captain 1200 + 200W Solar Panel1280Wh200W11h
Captain 1200 + 2x200W Solar Panel1280Wh400W5.5h
Captain 1200 + 2x100W Solar Panel1280Wh200W11h


The VIGORPOOL solar generator is the best partner during your RV travel. It is portable, powerful, and eco-friendly. VIGORPOOL always provides reliable products that meet different needs. Go to the official website and purchase the most suitable solar generator for your RV travel. See you down the road!

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