How to Choose a Portable Power Station?

A portable power station is a clean and environmentally friendly solar generator that is a great investment for anyone who regularly camps, backboards, or participates in any other outdoor activity that does not have easy access to an electrical outlet. Not only can a portable power station charge your devices, but it can also power small appliances like a mini-fridge or TV. But with so many different models on the market, how do you choose the right one for your needs?

The Capacity Size

The capacity of portable power station is measured in watt-hours (Wh). It is important to choose a portable power station with enough capacity to meet your needs. So before you shop, determine how much power you need: The first step is to determine how much power you need. Start by listing the appliances and electronics that will need to run during a power outage. Then, check the wattage requirements for each device and add them up. Most portable power stations only provide a limited amount of power, so you may not be able to run all of your functions at the same time.

Charging Method and Speed

Charging time is the amount of time it takes to recharge the portable power station after it has run out of power. This will depend on the type of battery used and the charging method (i.e. solar panel vs. AC outlet). If you plan to use the portable power station frequently, it is best to choose a unit with a short charging time to ensure that you can use the power in a timely manner.

Time of Use

Run time is the amount of time a portable power station can provide energy before it needs to be recharged. This will vary depending on the capacity of the unit and the load placed on it. If you plan to run a high power device such as a TV or blender, you will need a unit with a long run time.

Weight and Size

Weight and size are important considerations when choosing a portable power station. You want a unit that is small and light enough to be easily carried with you, but also has enough power to meet your needs. A heavier unit may have more features and a longer lifespan, but if it’s too difficult to carry, it’s not worth the investment. Smaller, lighter units may be easier to transport, but make sure they have enough juice to power all your devices.

Number of Output Ports

The type of output port on a portable power station is especially important for everyday use. Most devices have a standard USB port and AC power outlet. Some high-end devices may also have additional ports, such as a DC car port or cigarette lighter adapter. Choose a device with the right combination of ports to meet your needs. Overall, the more types and numbers of output port dots, the better it is for multiple uses.

Service Lifespan

The lifespan refers to the period from the first time the power supply is started to the time the battery becomes unusable, and we hope that the longer the lifespan, the better. With high efficiency and high quality energy storage power supply is expensive, long service life is not only more cost-effective but also more environmentally friendly and reduces waste.

UPS Function

The UPS function protects important equipment and ensures that the operation of the equipment is not affected by sudden power outages that stop it. The faster the UPS conversion is, the better it is to prevent the machine from losing power.

Competitive Price

After narrowing down all the options above, it comes to the final step, comparing prices, we prefer to choose the highest quality and more cost-effective portable power station. Choose the best product within your budget.

Advantages of the Captain 1200 Portable Power Station

Captain 1200 has extreme advantages in terms of product performance and capacity. The most eye-catching advantage is that it retains 80% of its capacity after 3500+ cycles, which is not only environmentally friendly but also saves you the cost of replacing equipment. With 12 outputs, the Captain 1200 power station can charge almost any appliance, and it supports 1.5 hours of fast charging, which can quickly fill the battery from 0%. With the solar panel of Vigorpool, you can achieve the fastest charging efficiency. The parallel and UPS function make this portable power station outstanding as well. Enter the details page to learn more about the features and parameters of Captain 1200.


Portable power stations are a great way to keep your basic equipment running while you’re on the go and during power outages. But with so many different models on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for your needs. Use this guide to help you narrow down your choices and select the best portable power station for your needs.

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