Why are Solar Generators The Future of Renewable Energy

In recent years, we have faced a significant threat of energy shortage due to the overuse of natural resources such as coal and crude oil. So it is high time we need to make a change and found a cleaner and more sustainable way to generate power. Luckily, we have found new energy resources, among which solar power is the most available, ubiquitous, and thus the most promising. Read on to learn why the solar generator has become the rising star in the energy market and how to choose the best solar battery for your family.

VigorPool Solar Generator

Solar Power is One of the Best Alternatives for Non-renewable Energy

One must have noticed the hint of energy shortage when they receive their surprisingly high electricity bills. An energy crisis is indeed sweeping across the globe: the price of electricity in England has hit a new record since 1990; more than 16 out of 135 coal-fired power plants in India are in lack of coal; Brazil is also in urgent need of power supply for the drought incapacitates their hydroelectrical power station. All these warn us that we should speed up to find other energy resources instead of traditional ones. 

However, the energy source of solar generators will never run out from the viewpoint of the human species. The Sun will keep burning hydrogen for more than ten billion years, much longer than the estimated life span of the Earth. Also, solar power generators can be built at any place where the Sun shines, unlike the construction of other power stations, which should be prudent about the location. The compact size of portable power stations allows ordinary people to have solar generators in their gardens. 

Solar generators also stand out for solar power does no harm to the environment. Nowadays, a large proportion of power is still generated by non-renewable energy, such as coal and petroleum. Burning these materials produces electricity and harmful gases or other byproducts that damage the environment. Solar generators, nevertheless, work cleanly and efficiently. 

Solar Generators Live in Harmony with the Environment

It is also noticeable that other power stations significantly impact the surrounding environment. A hydroelectric power station, for example, could easily disrupt the balance of the river ecosystem. Gases emitted by thermal power stations pollute the air we breathe. What disturbs us most is noise pollution. The wind power station often produces unbearable noise, and nearby residents suffer a lot. 

Solar power stations are free from these problems. Neither the array of solar generators messes up the ecosystem, nor does it release any annoying noise. That’s why we strongly recommend solar generators as the future of power generation. 

VigorPool Solar Panel

Solar Generators Demand Low Maintenance Costs

Solar generators require much lower maintenance costs than other power generation systems. For instance, nuclear power stations must spend a lot of money to protect from fatal nuclear radiation. Inspecting devices and machines must also be careful to prevent nuclear leakage. The maintenance of solar generators, on the contrary, is less complex. Operators only need to keep the surface of solar panels clean and dry, making solar generators possible, affordable, and available for everyone. 

Choose the Best Solar Generator for Home and Outdoor Use

VigorPool Solar Generator is composed of CAPTAIN 1200 and VigorPool solar panels. VigorPool CAPTAIN 1200 is a qualified portable power station, but combining it with Vigorpool solar panels makes it the perfect solar generator. The VigorPool CAPTAIN 1200 power station is the ideal portable backup generator when you need to power devices during emergencies or outdoor activities. The VigorPool solar panel, as the best partner of CAPTAIN 1200, is a must-have for anyone who pursues sustainable development and environmental protection.

This solar generator is much more efficient than other similar products. Monocrystalline silicon solar cells of the Vigorpool solar panel provide a high conversion efficiency of up to 23%, and the cover of ETFE gives it a higher light transmittance rate. As a result, it only takes 5.5 hours to re-charging Vigorpool Captain 1200 with two 200W solar panels

Moreover, with its superior flexibility, the Vigorpool solar generator will be a great helper when camping, boating, or RVing. The solar panel doesn’t take up too much space. The magnetic suction design at the handle allows the two solar panels to hold together when folded, and no extra buttons or belts are needed.

The portable power station also impresses consumers with its innovative parallel function. With this function, you can connect two units to double the power to 2400W and its capacity to 2560WH, which lengthens the working time of the solar generator and enables it to run larger appliances! 


In conclusion, solar generators are our hope to solve the electricity shortage of the 21st century. Solar power is renewable, which helps reduce carbon emissions. Solar generators are also quiet and harmless enough to keep their surrounding environment intact. Therefore, the solar generator is the best choice if you are looking for a green power supply at home. It is not only a practice of environmentalism but also a wise investment for your family which can help save money in the long run. 

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